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Box Buddies (v1.0.3) is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Download mirror at

gamepad supportcompatible with common USB gamepads

Play the game with your keyboard or any DirectX® Input compatible controller (e.g. Xbox 360® gamepad as well as all current Logitech gamepads).

about the game

In Box Buddies the objective of both players is to move the boxes in the level so that both players can reach their circus tent. Watch out though: the colored boxes are linked between the two worlds. When you move a box the equivalent box in the other world will move too.

Grab, lift, pull, push and jump over boxes in order to reach your goal.

Communicate with your friend via emoticons.

Suited for all ages.

The game includes 19 level, including 3 tutorial level and a special surprise in the final level.

The game has a strong focus on forward thinking and cooperative play. Since a high degree of teamwork and communication skills are demanded from the players also companies can use the game for team building.